Efficient Collaborative Tool Makes Car Design Easier | CCDIS2018

Release time:2018-10-31 / Client:BITONE

Recently, BITONE was invited to attend the CCDIS2018 China Automotive Design (International) Summit with its latest products Light Maker single image generator and multi-end collaborative review platform, and shared the research progress and future vision of BITONE in the automotive field with all guests.

With the theme of “new travel”, the summit focused on discussing how the automotive industry will respond to new challenges and define new ways of travel in the future when the new round of industrial revolution comes.

BITONE CTO Rico Liang said: “thanks to the new revolution, artificial intelligence is prevailing in almost all industries. Data, as one of the major driving force for the development of artificial intelligence, is growing geometrically in the automotive field, which makes data consolidation an ever-increasing challenge. With over 10 years of experience in the auto field, BITONE has developed the digital experience solution which bases on product industry data throughout all automotive life cycle from design to marketing, including lightweight data processing, multi-end collaborative review platform, visual data asset management, etc. We aim to provide powerful and practical tech support for auto OEMs.”



Efficient Collaborative Tool Makes Car Design Easier

Tool 1: Light Maker – Single image generator

Real-time rendering with 4k resolution maximum.

For stills, its all-view supported and only takes 1 second to produce image. Easy to operate.

You may update the model at your will under the same platform.

Constantly enriched HDR

Cost effective, highly efficient and convenient

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Tool 2: Multi-End Collaborative Review Platform

Automatic model optimization and lightweighting with PiXYZ software

Automatic material assignment with Unity plugin or Unreal plugin of PiXYZ

Support collaborative review with multi-person 

Material and lighting setting are consistent with realistic effects

Greatly reduce the cost of manpower and material for production of clay models or manual visualization

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