Connect World via Visualization | BITONE at Unite Beijing 2018

Release time:2018-05-16 / Client:Unity

From May 11th to 13th, Unite Beijing 2018 made this summer in Beijing hotter than ever! As a world-leading content-making engine, Unity can be applied for cross-platform game development, industrial manufacturing, transportation, architecture… and emerging technologies such as VR and AR, which have brought the freshness into traditional industries. Among numerous Unity application developers, BITONE, the world’s top visualization solution supplier was invited to this event to share with the guests how to connect the world via visualization.

LIANG Jian, the CTO of BITONE said: “Our solution covers every link of the whole life cycle of the product. Taking industrial manufacturing as an example, we offer design and engineering review platform, virtual test driving simulator on the front end, marketing material production, VR sales tool, and maintenance and repair training tool pack on the back end. The design and engineering review tool pack that includes efficient VR review tool and premium contents enables simultaneous design evaluation by multiple people at different locations, helping customers to make quick decisions in a short period of time, improving the speed of product development and shortening the research and development cycle. The virtual driving platform assists design and engineering department in realizing more efficient man-machine engineering and design virtual-driving test. Our marketing materials and sales tools enables customers to increase brand value, to improve sales guiding tools at 4S stores, and to collect big data while assisting sales for follow-up sales strategy analysis and guidance. While the maintenance and repair solutions can set standardized maintenance and repair process to achieve standardized operation and highly-efficient management.”


In the industrial manufacturing and transportation industry, BITONE has always been known for its innovative technologies and premium quality of visualization solutions. It has served over 60 famous domestic and global auto enterprises such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, NextEv, and aviation and 3C clients including Embraer, Huawei, Xiaomi. Besides, with the intention to introduce Hollywood techniques to commercials, BITONE has developed several entertainment applications including digital actor, original short animation, and game experiences to meet various requirements of our clients.



As a sales assisting solution with real-time interactive experience, the point of sales configurator (POS) of BITONE was developed on the basis of 3D interactive technology of Unity. By offering multiple online and offline interactive exhibition portals, it can display all ranges of products in a limited space offline, attracting consumers and improving sales significantly. At the same time, POS visualizes the values of the product in a more direct and easy way and meets consumers' customization needs, which upgrades consumer experience, extends the time they spend at the store, and creates more sales opportunities.

Regarding experience, LIANG Jian said: “For us, experience is the most important. We hope visualization, interaction and every feature displayed are closely connected to the experience to guide potential consumers through intelligent methods, to define class of the consumer in the shortest time and to find the targeted solution to help the consumer make final purchase decision. The biggest advantage of experience-based solution is that it allows potential consumers to generate profound emotional interactions with the product, resonating with them and reducing the communication pressure on the sales staff. Meanwhile, advanced experience and after-sales service raise customer satisfaction and loyalty, and lay a foundation for iterative sales.”


With deep insights into industries and customers, BITONE applies visualization technology to all stages of products from design to manufacturing and then promotion. In the future, we will invest more in the development of solutions and focus on bringing visualization quality to the ultimate.